PKnightPhillip Knighten is a Tax Preparer and Bookkeeper. He has worked in the Tax field since 1992, when he began preparing returns for fellow Marines during his Military Service. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1990 to 1995, participating in Tours Operation Desert Shield/Storm/Sword in Saudi Arabia-Kuwait-Iraq, Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, and Peacekeeping Operations in Haiti. Phillip was granted an Honorable Discharge from Military Service and went on to complete a Degree in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University in 1998.

Phillip works in Tax Preparation for Corporations, Farms, Non-Profit Organizations, Self-Employed persons as well as Personal Tax Returns for Families and Individuals.

Phillip is married to Tonia and has 5 children. Safiya, a University of Iowa graduate and 1st grade teacher; Malik, an RCA Records recording artist and member of the band “Next Town Down”, Jalen, a College student studying for a degree in Business Administration; Ana, a CC High School graduate and future College student; Akil, a CC Middle School Student. Phillip is also owner and operator of “Kenyatta’s Sound DJ/Music Service”. In his spare time, Phillip enjoys spending time with his family, as well as improving community racial relations with “Be the Bridge-Charles City”.