Lower cost

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Your money is important. According to the National Society of Accountants, people who hire professional tax return preparers are getting their money’s worth.

Prichard Law Office PC is ready to serve you with affordable, professional, and knowledgeable tax preparation. Our 2015 tax year (due April 15, 2016) tax preparation fee varies by the complexity of your return, with simple returns starting at $90.00.

It pays to have Prichard Law Office PC tracking all the potential tax breaks for you. Even one extra deduction or tax credit can more than cover the preparation costs.

Direct deposit of refundcharles city iowa h&r block

Direct Deposit is the fastest, safest way to receive your tax refund. An e-filed tax return means a fast refund. Taxpayers who combine e-file and Direct Deposit can get their refunds in as early as 10 days. The Prichard Law Office PC financial services team will take care of all the details and will ensure you get the quickest refund possible. Your money back in your hands.

Friendly Service, Not Just a Number

When you walk into Prichard Law Office PC you are talking with your neighbors and friends. We know you, our children go to school together, and we promise to treat your tax return with the same care and professionalism we would our own. When you have a question we answer it – year round. If the IRS has a question, we are here.

Drop Off Paperwork or Set Up An Appointment

After preparing your end of the year paperwork, you can choose to meet with our financial team, or you can drop off your documentation and schedule an appointment for a later time. Our goal is to accommodate your busy life during tax season. Plus we’re here year-round when you need us to answer questions that come up.

Extended Hours & Days During Tax Season

We know you lead a busy life; between work, family life, getting kids where they need to be… finding time to do your taxes is tough. When it comes time for your annual tax reconciliation we put in the extra hours to make it convenient for you. If you want to talk with us on a weekday night, or a weekend morning, the Prichard Law Office PC financial services team will work to get you an appointment that fits in your schedule.