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What is a title?

A title is the evidence that allows a person to claim ownership and possession of a property. A defect in that title can allow someone with a legal right other than the owner to claim the property or to make demands on the owner of that property.


What is an abstract?

An abstract is a history of the title to a particular tract of land. It summarizes the material parts of recorded documents affecting the title of the real estate. The abstract is not a guarantee, it is only a record of what has been recorded. It does not judge the correctness of any items it lists, it merely reports them for an examiner to interpret.


What is a title opinion?

A title opinion is a legal examination of the abstract. The opinion outlines the necessary requirements in order to obtain a clear title. Further, it lists cautions to the buyer / refinancer of all current restrictions to the property.


What is a title commitment?

A tittle committment is an offer to issue a title insurance policy. The title commitment will describe the various conditions, exclusions and exceptions that will apply to that particular policy.


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